Parker Duofold True Blue, 2007 limited edition

Today marks five years since I quit smoking and this pen was a present to myself to mark the occasion. I’ve been marking each year with a special new pen. This one is a super special limited edition of 5000 pieces and even though it is ten years old it was sold as new old stock. 

Please insert my usual rant about collectors selling pens as NOS. I’m against it and find it dishonest. Unless you’re a dealer, it’s used. That said this pen came to me in wonderful condition in the giant wooden presentation box complete with a sealed bottle of Parker Penman ink. Sadly it’s black but at least it’s a nice black. I’ll use it as my default black now. Weirdly the LE number on the certificate card doesn’t match the number on the pen because the store didn’t pair box to pen properly when taken down from display. Another pet peeve of mine. 

I love the Duofold Centennial design and I love how this pen has the three rings on the cap–making me think of the vintage Duofold Deluxe pens. All the trim is palladium plated including the single-tone 18k nib. The true blue acrylic is an homage to the Parker true blue student pens of the early 20th century. Very pretty pattern that makes me think of blue and cream fire. 

The medium nib is pretty special because Duofold nibs are almost always two-tone and the design stamped on the nib is used on this pen alone. Because of this, medium was the only size availabele. It writes fabulously and I inked it up with Parker Penman Sapphire, of course. 🙂

I’m super happy to add this pen to my collection. Short one today. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Chris

    Gerald. Your video reviews of fountain pens have been very helpful to me. I’ve added a couple of the pens you have reviewed to my collection and they are great additions.

    In one of your earlier videos, you mentioned you’d like to get a Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl. I have one that is new, un-inked. I’d like to “Pay It Forward” and give it to you for your contributions to the Fountain Pen Community.

    Email me back and I’ll workout details to send it to you.

    No strings attached!


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