Sheaffer Legacy 2

This pen is such a treat and I’m so glad I got it. Big thanks to Lisa at Vanness Pens who knew I was interested in a broad nib and kept one in her desk for me so I was able to get one of the last copper pens even after broad had sold out online. 

This pen actually came with a giant box and some sort of glass / plexiglass pen stand but I asked for only the pen itself in order to save on shipping. 

This pen is very similar to the Pen For Men line and is a converter filled large pen with inlaid 18k gold nib. It is an all metal design so quite a bit heavier than the old PFMs. It is from the 1990s and was sold as new old stock and this is one of the last high end USA made Sheaffers. All pens are made in China now if I recall correctly. 

Vanness had a good supply of these but are sadly sold out. All those who were able to get one are super lucky. These are super dreamy pens and write perfectly. This is one of the best broad nibs in my collection–perfect flow and super juicy. Factory stubs were also available for those who like that sort of thing. 

They were sold as a hybrid sort of pen. Like a touchdown with a thin wall sac that could be operated with the vacuum plunger and also cartridge compatible. My pen has the thick squeeze sac converter so it doesn’t work with the touchdown thingie. 

Fit and finish are great. I love this pen. Not much more to say–don’t really feel like writing today but wanted to post something as I’ve been neglecting my blog and I have a backlog of reviews filmed. 

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  1. Bob

    Hi Gerald, thanks the review. I picked one of these up from Vanness as well. Great fit and finish though it sounds like you hd better luck with a nib than I did. Mine needed a trip to a nibmeister but now it is a dreamy broad that’s a joy to write with

    1. Gerald Taylor (Post author)

      Sorry to hear you had a bad nib. Glad you were able to get it writing the way you want. Such a beautiful pen.


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