Ken Cavers Purity in Tibaldi Celluloid

I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to buy some Tibaldi celluloid and couldn’t pass it up. I have a Newton Orville and Edison Glenmont in this material already. I knew for a third pen Ken Cavers would be my maker of choice. I asked him if he would make something for me and after he agreed I had the rod sent to him. 

Initially I had wanted to do an oversize pen and I sent Ken a #8 18K broad nib and he tried to get the lathe tools he needed to cut threads for such a large nib housing but in the end it didn’t work out. It was probably for the best as the material was badly warped and there wouldn’t be much room for error on such a large pen. 

I asked Ken to get me an 18K BB #6 nib and things got underway. I didn’t specify a shape but only said I wanted something that would bring out the most beauty of this stunning material. Ken used a new design for this pen and called it the Purity. (Read his own blog post on this pen here.) I find the rounded ends really show off the depth of this material. It’s cylindrical with no step from barrel to section. It posts but posting is definitely not needed. 

Ken put a beautiful inlay in the pen barrel using golden smoke alumilite. It is nice and warm and compliments the gold in the two-tone nib. I think it’s the same material in my Cavers Simplicity of Heart.  While showing off this pen at Pens & Pints on Friday, my friend Andrew complimented Ken’s good eye for design. I couldn’t agree more. 

Beyond the good design, the fit and finish is exquisite as always. The threads are perfectly cut and everything fits together with precision. All this is done without the aid of computerized milling so I always marvel at the super tight tolerances. Such great work. 

The nib is great and nicely tuned up by Ken.  It’s a double broad but these JoWo nibs aren’t as broad as you would think. I need to write them a lettter about that. The world needs broader double broads. The nib is converter fed which works perfectly for me though the pen could be eye dropper filled if that’s your thing. 

And that’s it! Great pen from a great guy with great materials. All the great!

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention. I have a bit of a thing for hot sauce and I particularly enjoy Tobasco Habonero but in recent years it’s only available in Western Canada. I asked and Ken was kind enough to add two bottles to my order and ship them with my pen. That was such a fabulous mail day! 

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