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Hello folks and thank you for your interest in my little blog.  🙂  My name is Gerald and I registered mycoffeepot back in the day–oh, around the year 2000 and it was my travel blog when I lived in the Czech Republic from 2002-2008.  When I moved back to Canada it became a photoblog and I was amazed at how I could take a picture on my pre-iPhone smartphone and email it to a special address and it would make a blog post out of that one photo! Then Instagram came around (http://www.instagram/com/mycoffeepot/) and that photo-blog lost it’s sparkle and I ignored it until the domain expired.

Then I got into fountain pens.  I mean really got into fountain pens.  My collection started while I was overseas when a friend was going to France for the summer and I asked for a pen or something as a souvenir.  I got my first pen–a Parker Vector.  It was 2006 and that’s when it all began.  One turned into more pretty quickly but my collection stayed under 10 pens until I got back to Canada in 2008.  Things began to accelerate after that.

I hope to have some interesting content on this blog and I’m gonna try to not let it fizzle out.  Please feel free to comment on anything and you can always send suggestions to admin@mycoffeepot.org

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Bob M

    Gerald congrats on your blog. I have a blast with mine over mypenneedsink.com. I always enjoy your instagram feed so keep up the good work in both arenas and if there is anything I can help out with or want to bounce some ideas off a fellow newbie pen blogger just let me know. Bob

  2. Tien

    Thank you, thanks Gerald. I can learn alot of fountain pen in your site. Love all review articles.

    Thank you,

    1. Gerald Taylor

      Thank you very much for your kind words. 🙂

  3. James Cassidy

    Hi Gerald, Really like your pen reviews. They contribute a lot.

    You have got me curious about the Graf von Faber-Castell Intuition Ivory (not the one with ridges) and I am going to buy it. Recently got into fountain pens and I’ve just bought a Sailor 1911L (Silver coloured trim) and a cheap but good Pilot Metropolitan — got it in Japan so it wasn’t called Metropolitan.
    If you are ever in Scotland, lunch is on me.


    1. Gerald Taylor

      Hey James. If I ever make it to Scotlanc I’ll take you up on that. Thanks. 🙂

      The intuition is fantastic and the fluted ivory is beautiful. I’m sure you’ll love it. Enjoy!

  4. Nicole

    Hi, I am not into this toic but like the passion you put into it. Chapeau!

    1. Gerald Taylor

      Thanks my friend!

  5. Fabio

    I think we’ve all started with a Parker Vector 🙂



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